Physio For Work – Reduce Sickness in the Workplace

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Our Physio For Work division provides physiotherapy services for thousands of people in the North East and to some of the largest employers in the region.

We provide on and off site physiotherapy services, fit for work programmes, education & training packages, return to work programmes and management consultations as well as occupational physiotherapy and ergonomic assessments.

Helping companies reduce sickness in the workplace is one of our primary objectives.


On-Site PhysiotherapyWork related back-pain can be treated on-site

We specialise in providing On-Site Physiotherapy services to companies across the Newcastle & Gateshead area.

Often an individual may take the whole morning or afternoon off work just to attend a 20 minute session of physiotherapy. With On-Site physio, staff are only away from their desk for 45 minutes instead of 4 hours.

Workplace injuries such as Lower Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Repetitive Strain Injuries and more can all be treated in the workplace.

Treating people On-Site can save your company considerable time and therefore money.


Get back to work quicker with physiotherapyReturn To Work

It is universally accepted that the sooner people return to work the better they will be. We can provide fast track physiotherapy services for your staff both on and off site. Therefore reducing considerably the cost of sickness and absenteeism at work.

We can liaise directly with management and the client, providing timely reports and recommendations. Once an agreed pathway has been established we can then start treatment immediately.




EducationWe can educate your staff on-site

We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure.

As a result we specialise in delivering tailored education and advice about workplace injuries such as Lower Back Pain (LBP), Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and Neck and Shoulder Issues (NSI) as well as stress in the work place.

Education packages can be tailored to meet your specific workplace needs. Helping you reduce sickness at work is one of our primary aims.



Make sure you stay fit for work with physiotherapyFit For Work

Physio For All is actively engaged in the government’s healthy living programme. Working in collaboration with The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy we aim to help companies reduce the costs of sickness and absenteeism at work.

A range of information, advice and educational material is available to companies in and around the Tyne & Wear area upon request. We work with companies through out the region to help keep staff fit for work. Please contact us for further details.

Management ConsultationPhysiotherapy consultations for managers

We appreciate that many companies are struggling with the ever increasing demands placed upon the work force and the subsequent health issues that these demands place upon your employees.

Physio For All can provide health guidance to management to help reduce workplace injuries and subsequently reduce the cost of sickness in the workplace.

Let us take the strain… while you get on with your work.


physiotherapy classes help with all kinds of workplace stressesOccupational Physiotherapy

Many companies already have occupational provision in place at work. We can liaise directly with your occupational health department and provide physiotherapy assessments, reports and specialised advice to the department upon request.

We can then provide fast track physiotherapy either On or Off Site to enable your staff to return to work safely and timely.

Benefit from the combined skills of both an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist.




Workplace Ergonomics

Prevent injury at work with ergonomics advice.

At Physio For All we can provide detailed ergonomic assessments to improve the working environment.

Improving the working environment can lead to significant reductions in work related injuries.

With reduced muscular skeletal injuries in the work place the business will benefit from reduced sickness and absenteeism in the work force. Statistics indicate that a business can reduce sickness levels from muscular skeletal injuries by 80%.


A healthy working environment is also a more productive one.