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At Physio For All our sports division provides a range of services to meet the requirements of both individuals and teams throughout the region We provide physiotherapy services to the extremely successful Gateshead Academy for Sport, and are recognised providers to England Athletics.

We have a deep understanding and a wealth of experience in dealing with sports injuries at all levels. We aim to reduce and prevent sports injury with treatment and education.


Under 16’sUp to 50% discount on physiotherapy for kids.

Save around 50%

We do not believe that kids under 16 should pay adult prices for physiotherapy. We therefore offer a special rate for all kids under 16, saving around 50%.

In addition, because we offer evening appointments (4.30-9pm, Mon – Fri), parents do not have to worry about taking their child out of school. We always ask that the parent or guardian attend during assessment and treatment sessions, so that we can discuss your child’s physiotherpay treatment directly with you.

Physio For All has well established links with England Athletics and works with youth teams and development squads. We are therefore well versed in the assessment and treatment of children under sixteen.


Sports club physiotherapyClubs

Special rates for sports teams and clubs

At Physio For All we believe in supporting our local community and offer a discounted rate for sports clubs and organisations.

All injured clients need to be referred by their coach. We will then assess the injury and discuss our findings with the coach directly advising you on: the type of injury, recovery time, ability to perform and treatment duration etc.

To qualify for our special club rate simply contact us directly with details of your club and, once registered, we can start providing physiotherapy directly to your sports team.


Pre-Seasonpre season screening, assessment & exercise advice

Our Physio For Sport division can provide pre-season screening, assessment and exercise advice for your club, with a view to helping you reduce and prevent sports injuries.

One of our specialists can visit your organisation and provide the latest advice on warm ups, cool downs, stretching protocols and injury prevention during exercise. Or, you can bring your team to us, where we can offer you state of the art testing and treatment facilities.

At Physio For All it’s our job to keep up to date with the latest recommendations and guidelines. It is then our aim to make sure that you and your team benefit from this knowledge and gain a leading edge.


get ahead….get the best advice


personal training and physiotherapy servicesPersonal Training

You don’t have to be injured to benefit from physiotherapy. Our sports division has access to fully trained personal trainers who can offer one to one personal training or team training. With the latest most up to date information and advice on strength and conditioning we can help reduce and prevent the incidence of sport related injuries.

Physiotherapists have a great understanding of the body’s muscles, tendons and ligaments; how they move & function and how they respond to training or progressive loading.

Our strength and conditioning/personal training programmes offer a unique understanding of the body’s capabilities, meaning we can design a programme around your individual and specific needs, teaching you how to stay injury free.


Sports Massagesports massage to relieve muscle aches and pains

Many sportsmen and woman appreciate the benefits of a sports massage. A good sports massage is excellent for reducing muscular stiffness, aches and pains.

Our experienced team of chartered physiotherapists, sports science graduates and sports massage experts are able to meet the demanding needs of modern sports clubs and organisations and deliver a range of massage techniques to help reduce and even prevent sports injuries.

Many sports injuries, such as ankle sprains and torn hamstrings can develop scar tissue. Left untreated scar tissue can lead to shortening of the effected muscles. This shortening may lead to further injuries or reduced performance. Deep massage can help alleviate scar tissue and help you return to normal activities.


Physiotherapists can treat all kinds of sports injuries.Sports Injuries

We treat all types of sports injuries, ranging from ACL reconstructions in the knee to simple sprains of the ankle.

Whether you have an ongoing problem from an old injury or you have hurt yourself recently, we can help alleviate your pain and advise you on how to avoid further injury.

Our experienced staff will accurately assess your problem and provide you with the treatment and rehabilitation that you need in order to return to your sport as soon as possible.

the sooner you receive treatment…the better you will recover