Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What are your opening hours?


A) Mon – Fri: 8am – 9pm; Sat: 9am – 1pm; Sun: Closed


Q) How long will my appointment take?

A) Your initial appointment can take up to an hour (this includes assessment and some treatment), whereas follow up appointments usually take 30 to 40 minutes.


Q) What shall I wear?

A) Loose fitting, comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. Certain items of clothing may need to be repositioned or removed to allow access to the treatment area. Shorts are advisable for lower limb problems.

Female patients are advised to wear a sports bra or crop top for upper back/upper limb problems.


Q) What will happen during my appointment?

A) Your initial appointment will involve a subjective discussion regarding your injury or condition. Your physiotherapist will ask specific questions to help identify the nature of the problem before carrying out a physical examination of the affected area (e.g. range of movement, strength testing). Your physiotherapist will explain their findings and provide you with an impression of diagnosis as well as an estimated timescale for recovery. You will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions during your visit. Treatment and rehabilitation/home exercise prescription will follow the assessment and this will be tailored to your individual level of physical fitness and lifestyle.


Q) Do I need a GP referral to make an appointment?

A) No, self-referral is permitted for private physiotherapy. In certain cases your private medical insurance company (if applicable) may require a doctor’s letter of referral.


Q) Do you accept payment via private medical insurance?

A) Yes, Physio For All accept most major private medical insurance companies.


Q) Are you able to refer for other investigations?

A) Yes, further investigations such as scans, x-rays and specialist reviews can be requested via your GP or private medical insurance company (if applicable).


Q) Will I be expected to do anything in between appointments?

A) Your physiotherapist will often advise you to make beneficial changes to your lifestyle and daily living activities and will prescribe home exercises and rehabilitation to support treatment and achieve further improvement. This will always be tailored to the individual patient.