Physiotherapy Treatments in Tyne & Wear

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At Physio For All we have a range of physiotherapy treatment options available to you. They can all be adapted to meet your specific needs and injury type. Our experienced physiotherapists have spent years treating sports injuries and muscle aches brought on by stress at work.

All our treatment options are fully explained and agreed with you before we commence treatment at all times.


Tapping in acupuncture needleAcupuncture

Acupuncture is now widely accepted as a mainstream form of therapy.

It involves the use of very fine needles (sterile and used only once) placed strategically into the skin. The insertion of the needles is virtually painless.

We are registered with the Acupuncture Association for Chartered Physiotherapy (AACP) and the British Membership Associate Society (BMAS).

Acupuncture not only provides pain relief but is effective in restoring circulation and balance to the body. Our resident acupuncture specialist is Kam Wah Mak.



MassageA good physiotherapist will also offer massage treatment

Many conditions, both physical and psychological, may benefit from massage as a form of treatment.

Massage is excellent at reducing muscular stiffness, aches and pains.

In addition massage helps relive the stresses and strains of modern day lives.

Our experienced therapists are fully qualified to deliver a range of massage techniques to meet your individual requirements.



Ultrasound Therapy is virtually painlessUltrasound

Ultrasound is the use of sound waves to help speed up the body’s natural healing processes.

High frequency sound waves are focused around the site of the injury. These sound waves perform a “micro massage” deep inside the tissues to assist the healing processes.

The uses of ultrasound is virtually painless and is ideal for both acute and chronic injuries.
Ultrasound: great for sprained ligaments





TensTranscutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

TENS is a form of non-invasive pain relief. It is a safe and effective technique that passes a small electrical current between adhesive pads which are strategically placed around the effected area.

TENS stimulates the release of natural pain reducing hormones namely endorphins and encephalins which helps reduce your symptoms.

We can supply you with a TENS machine for home use during your treatment with us. If you find it helps, you can purchase a TENS machine from Physio For All.


Laser Therapy is a painless treatmentLaser Treatment

Laser is a painless treatment sometimes used in place of acupuncture. It uses light waves focussed around the injury site.

The light waves disrupt electron flow and create heat, both of which aid the body’s natural immune and repair system. This facilitates your natural healing processes.

Laser Treatment can be used to treat both acute and chronic injuries. It is especially good for treating soft tissue injuries, such as tennis elbow (tendonopathy) or joint inflammation.

The laser head is placed in contact with the skin and you will feel a gentle warming sensation in the affected area.

Tui Na Massage is good for deep tissue workTui Na

Tui Na is a deep therapeutic massage that exploits the use of hand techniques (to massage the muscles and tendons), acupressure techniques (to directly release muscle spasms) and manipulation techniques (to realign the bony joints and misaligned ligaments).

It is an over the clothes technique that allows the client to remain fully clothed throughout the treatment session. Tui Na is an extremely effective deep tissue massage technique that does not require the use of oils or creams.

It is ideal for the office environment and On-Site treatment as it does not require the client to remove any clothes. Also, because it uses no oils, no shower is needed after the treatment, and there is no risk of any reactions to oil based mediums.



Hands OnHands on manipulations and mobilisation

We specialise in intensive and extensive manual therapy, hands on treatment. Manipulation and mobilisation are very effective means of treating and assessing a wide variety of conditions especially spinal and peripheral joint pain and stiffness.

However, manual therapy takes time…..which is why our treatment times are much longer than normal. All our sessions may be up to 45 min long.

Our longer treatment times lead to better outcomes.

Heat Wraps and Ice Packs


Despite all the advances in modern treatment modalities, appropriate use of heat and ice is still extremely effective at dealing with stiffness and swelling.

Our experienced therapists can advise you on the appropriate use of both during your treatment with us.

We also have a range of heat and ice packs for home use that you can purchased from us.




ExercisesExercise is the cornerstone of physiotherapy treatment

Exercises are the corner stone of effective physiotherapy.

Our experienced therapists are able to prescribe exercises that are specific to your individual needs in order to restore and maintain your movement.

Our simple exercise advice is effective and manageable and can easily be incorporated into even the busiest of life styles.